While My Guitar Gently Weeps – The Beatles / George Harrison Cover

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It may have been 15 years ago when Paul got his first Pro Tools rig. We both had logged some hours in the studio, but neither of us had much experience engineering. One of us had the idea to do a cover to learn the ropes with his newfound software and equipment. We chose “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” The only tracks you’ll hear from those early learning sessions are Paul’s lead vocals and piano (which speaks to Paul’s talent as both a performer and novice engineer). Fast forward 15 years later, I took those tracks and built the rest with the help of the good people listed below (special thanks to the great Kevin Szymanski for his patience during the mixing process; the mix engineer is very much a part of the band, and Kevin gave us an incredible performance).

As a teenager learning my way around the fretboard, this was the first Beatles’ song I connected with. I was wrapped-up in Clapton during his Cream years when a good friend turned me on to this song. I still remember how challenging the bends were. Bending a full step with control was difficult enough, but a step-and-a-half, with fast, wide swings of vibrato? Who knows how long I spent, but I eventually got it note-for-note. I tried to not color outside the lines too much here. It felt appropriate, perhaps, as a sign of respect, given the 20th anniversary of George’s passing. Or maybe it just felt too damn good touching greatness.

“While My Guitar Gently Weeps”
Written by George Harrison
Produced by SJ Warman
Mixed by Kevin Szymanski
Mastered by Jim DeMain

Paul Wesley – Vocals, Piano, Percussion
SJ Warman – Guitars, Bass, B3
Nate Barnes – Drums
Trevor Nealon – Piano
Yann Selka – Background Vocals
Willow Eden – Background Vocals

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